Why SWI Community?

The SWI Community is an initiative of Success within International (SWI) with the aim of providing a platform where a community of people who desire to have global relevance by reason of their outstanding success can be connected for greater impact.

The community operates on a BCI Concept

  1. Build you up
  2. Connect 
  3. Inspire others

Features and Benefits of Joining

  1. Our opportunity to partner with you and intensify your intention and commitment to being outstanding in the pursuit of your noble goals and aspirations.
  2. A means of partnering with global influencers
  3. The lengthening of our cords and strengthening of our stakes
  4. A means to spread in influence and impact, gain visibility and audibility.
  5. A convergence of experiences, ideas, knowledge, insights, exposures, perspectives and skill sets for greater impact.
  6. An opportunity to raise a people of outstanding success for global relevance.

Community Activities

Monday Boost

Monday boost is designed to provide you with motivation and inspiration to get you started with the right mindset and spirit with which you can go on to have a productive and fulfilling week.

Capacity Tuesday

The capacity building Tuesday is when we have our weekly capacity building activities. This is a day where we watch an inspiring Video or have a live seminar (first Tuesday of every month). Also, on Tuesdays, a thought-provoking, mind stimulating newsletter would be sent to every member of the community.

Connect Wednesday

It is difficult to go wrong with the right association. On a monthly basis, every community member will be paired in the buddy system. The buddy system is designed such two individuals, the "buddies", are paired together to get to develop an interpersonal relationship and to support and be accountable to one another towards achieving their individual goals. Connect Wednesday would work in line with the buddy system. Hence, the activity of the day is designed to assist you be intentional with truly connecting with the buddy you are paired with.

Review Thursday

Our goal is to ensure you become a better person and we mean it. Hence, we have set aside the Review Thursdays to assess how you have internalized and applied the learnings from Capacity Building Tuesday. This is a time to share your learnings as well as inspire someone with the actions you have taken. It’s also a time to give your feedback to the SWI leadership team on how we can serve you better.

Marketing Friday

Every business needs audibility and visibility to reach and win potential customers. Marketing Friday is designed to provide such platform for you to publicize your craft and business – to be seen, heard and known. All community members (professionals & entrepreneurs) are expected to introduce themselves in a way that markets their crafts and services. This is intended to help everyone to improve their elevator pitch as well as provide a platform for the sales marketing of products and services. Marketing Fridays is also a day where we bring you job and scholarship opportunities for anyone seeking such opportunity to maximize.

Media round up Saturday

Off social media for the week? You fear missing out on valuable content shared by inspiring people? Not to worry, we got you! The media round-up Saturday is a day where we bring you valuable content from your social media favs.

We also have physical hangouts and monthly games night