Why SWI Mentorship Program?

Mentoring is an increasingly popular way of providing guidance and support to young people in need. In recent years, we have seen youth mentoring expand within the Success Within International Community from a relatively small intervention and counselling to a full-blown Mentorship Program being implemented for the community. While almost anybody can benefit from the magic of mentoring, those who will stand in as mentors also need guidance and support.

The Mentoring Program is organized by the Success Within International, and runs twice a year from the 2nd Quarter and 4th Quarter of the year, The SWI Mentorship Program was developed as a response to the increasing need of useful and insightful guidance for youths and answer to their critical questions to guide them in the areas where the need the most help; Business, Career, Finance, Education, Entertainment, etc. as a step towards global relevance.. The SWI Mentorship Program aims to groom, train, and support young adults in the formative years of their career as well as providing a forum for experienced individuals to give back to the profession and share from their lessons and wealth of experience.

The Program is enabled and continued by active Volunteers – You! – of the organization; without whom its ongoing success would not be possible. The aim of these guidelines is to provide a framework for the basis on which mentors and mentees participate in the program. Each mentor and mentee pair will communicate, interact, and achieve their mentoring program goals differently – in the way that best suits their pair. The program is intended to facilitate, not restrict, the participation of mentors and mentees and enable them to explore the great opportunities created when two personalities collide. Thank you for your interest in the Success Within International Mentorship Program and we hope it is an enjoyable and enriching experience for both mentees and you the mentors.

Features and Benefits of the mentorship

  1. Gains sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally
  2. Gains capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions
  3. Complements ongoing formal study and/or training and development activities
  4. Gains career development opportunities
  5. Gets assistance with ideas and honest feedback
  6. Demonstrates strengths and explores potential
  7. Increases career networks and receives greater exposure
  8. Improves ability to express expectations, goals, and concerns
  9. Receives knowledge of ethics and guiding principles of chosen sector

Mentorship Structure

Major Objectives of the SWI Mentoring program

  1. Help participants identify and achieve career/professional development and personal growth goals.
  2. Equip participants with the tools necessary to perform to their highest capabilities.
  3. Create opportunities both for the mentee and the mentor to partner with different individuals and associations.
  4. Create a culture that sees mentorship as an effective way to develop individuals.
  5. Match Mentees with Mentors who will support/groom them to wade through the uncertainties of career, finances, and business.